A George II Gilt Wood Eagle Console Table Attributed to William Bradshaw

Carved and gilt console tables in the form of an eagle with splayed wings were highly fashionable in grand Kentian apartments of the second quarter of the 18th century, in both town and country houses. Numerous variations survive, but the treatment of the present example, with fully splayed wings supporting the frieze, is relatively unusual. Most versions have half-spread wings with down-turned ends.

Interestingly, amongst the many members of the nobility for whom Bradshaw worked  was the Earl of Burlington. Supplying furniture for both Chiswick Villa and Burlington House.  Burlington was the greatest proponent of this style of furniture and patron to William Kent.

Circa: 1735-40
Origination: English
Height: 36" 91.5cm
Width: 52" 132cm
Depth: 27" 68.5cm