A George III Satinwood Console Table

The satinwood semi-elliptical side table is of excellent colour and original condition. The shaped top having a decorated border of foliage with a semi-circular decorated panel to the centre. The table supported on square tapering legs with painted foliage to the tops of each leg.

The rise of neo classicism in England brought with it lighter designs, and coupled with the opening up of trade with the West Indies, satinwood became far more available. Presumably because it suited the new forms, satinwood very rapidly became the wood of choice for people of taste. Considering the striking difference between mahogany and satinwood, one can’t help wonder what people thought of this bright new wood. But so far, we have found few contemporary accounts other than a comment made by no lesser cabinet maker than Thomas Sheraton; “no instance in nature yet discovered does exceed the beauty of the richest sort of it.”

Circa: 1790
Origination: English
Height: 35 3/4" 91cm
Width: 57" 145cm
Depth: 23 1/4" 59cm