Lord Hesketh’s Regency Rosewood & Parcel Gilt Revolving Bookcase from Easton Neston

In many ways a testament to the value of books, this bookcase has vertical divisions that are locked to hold retaining bars in place to secure the books. Each tier revolves independently from the others.
A ‘circular movable table’ of this type was published in Ackermann’s Repository of Arts in 1810.1 A strikingly similar example is recorded, bearing the label of cabinet makers Mack, Williams and Gibton.2 It differs principally in having a tripod support, where our bookcase has a French-influenced, fluted and gilded column. This columnar treatment is reminiscent of the furniture supplied to Southill, Bedfordshire for the Whitbread family, much of it to the design of Henry Holland.3

Frederick, 2nd Baron Hesketh (1916-1955) Easton Neston, Northamptonshire.
Sold Sotheby’s House Sale, Easton Neston, 17-19 May 2005, lot 61.
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Circa: 1820
Origination: English
Height: 4’11½" 150cm
Diameter: 27" 68.5cm